Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Honesty. Integrity. Courtesy. Consideration. Respect. Kindness. Just a few of the virtues from a list of virtues I saw today.

I just met this young man this morning, but I could tell he had these virutes, and probably a great deal more, from that list. Perhaps the whole list, but I know to many to mention here! I was impressed, to say the least.

When I told a handful of girls, from his local high school, that I was shooting his senior photos, I had lots of offers for assistants. I thought it was because of his good looks. And indeed, he is quite good looking. However, as a parent, I was most impressed with his personality.

As it turned out, his mom helped me out today. I learned first hand where he aquired those virtues. His mom has them as well. I'm sure, if I met the rest of his family, I would find the same. Thanks Peggy, you were a tremendous help today! You will probably be as sore as I am with all the up, and down, and climbing around, we did today. Again, I was so impressed with you and your wonderful son. I hope you like the results as much as I do! I had to get one of those half smiles up here for you to see. Love that half smile best of all!


Shannon said...

GREAT images, Michelle!

Beth Naranjo said...

Yeow! Michelle, these are great! I lvoe the pose in that last image-I will have to try that one myself! Sounds like you had a great experience with this guy-here's wishing you many more!

Lala said...

I am loving ALL Your posts... your work is SHINING!! I love how you comment on each person- makes me feel like I know your customers!