Friday, June 16, 2017

Jonah | Legend High School | Class of 2017

Oh Jonah! I have watched this guy grow up! And what an amazing young man he has turned out to be. Smart, kind and really good looking! He received a wonderful scholarship to his chosen college, Baylor University, where he will study business. Check on intelligence. After his graduation party, he and his buddies donated and SERVED the extra food at a homeless shelter. Plus, he was so polite at his senior session. Check on the kindness. And, these photos speak for themselves on the good looking! He is model material! Double check on handsome. My bestie Lisa is a business owner, wife, friend, and fabulous mom! Can't wait to see what you achieve in your future Jonah!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Katie | Legend High School | Class of 2017

Congratulations to Katie, from Legend High School! We love these versatile images of Katie, and think they show off her personality so well! Katie plays lacrosse on the co-op team with Chaparral, and has aspirations to be an engineer to invent something that is useful to the average joe! Her favorite band is Twenty One Pilots (this is becoming a trend!) and her favorite color is blue. She loves to snack on grapes or watermelon, drink lemonade, and shop at H&M (Katie, can we find these awesome styles at H&M?...) And, she is most looking forward to her freedom post-high school graduation!

Thank you for choosing Michelle Kroll Photography! Good luck in your future endeavors!

Reed | Chaparral High School | Class of 2017

So, as it turns out, Reed's mom was a sorority sister of mine, and we didn't even know it until we started chatting during Reed's senior pictures! It is a small world and we are so happy that Reed choose Michelle Kroll Photography (fate? coincidence?) We loved capturing the many faces of Reed!

Ian | Douglas County High School | Class of 2017

After a first glance at Ian's senior pictures, it may not surprise to you find out that Ian wishes to seek a career in politics! We loved taking these pictures of Ian and getting to know him! It is also fitting to hear that Ian is a graduate of the Douglas County High School IB Programme and hopes to continue enlightening himself and others in his post-high school graduation life. Who knows, perhaps we will someday see these pictures pop up on NBC or Fox News someday?

Congratulations Ian--it is a job well done!

Hanna | Eaglecrest High School | Class of 2017

 Sometimes, we play in the backyard, and other times, we get to play downtown and we absolutely ADORE how these images of Hanna came out! You would never know that these fabulous backdrops would be found in the heart of Denver and we had so much fun hanging out with Hanna and her mom (sometimes changing tops in creative places) and taking her senior pictures--in fact, Hanna had enough credits at Eaglecrest High School that she is graduating a year early! Her plan is to work and save money; she's looking forward to the freedom she's gained post-graduation; her favorite band is Twenty One Pilots and the best advice she'd give? "Live in the moment"! (I think she conveys that well in these images!)

Zach | Ponderosa High School | Class of 2017

Here at Michelle Kroll Photography, we are always so fortunate to photograph outstanding seniors who have already made such positive impacts on the world, and Zach is no exception! You would never know, just by looking at Zach's senior pictures, that he is an esteemed Eagle Scout! If you are traveling down towards Cabela's and stumble upon a fire pit, it was built by Zach for his Eagle Scout project! We love all of these images as much as we loved photographing Zach and we know he will continue positively impacting the world post-Ponderosa High School graduation!

Thank you for choosing Michelle Kroll Photography!

Will | Chaparral High School | Class of 2017

Today, we introduce Will from Chaparral High School to you! As you can see from these pictures, Will has many sides to him--he is a great puzzle master, was involved in band at Chaparral, teaches driving school, and is nice to his mom. We love being able to take these fun and quirky images, and also the more serious and polished ones. Will's favorite band is 21 Pilots (now I'm singing "we're stressed out"...), his favorite story is Harry Potter, and his favorite hang out is the bowling alley. Good luck in college next year, Will, and we know the roads are safer because of your training abilities!

Taylor | Arapahoe High School | Class of 2017

Taylor was a little skeptical to take her senior pictures, but who can tell?! We love the way these pictures turned out and in fact, she loved them so much that she had to order more! We love the contrast of the grass with Taylor's gorgeous smile and the way her hair is softly falling, and of course, her super cute boots! She is a natural and we can't wait to see where she goes from here!

Jamie & Tanner | Ponderosa High School | Class of 2017

We love photographing seniors, and we love it even more when there two seniors! Jamie and Tanner are twins from Ponderosa High School and we loved the opportunity to get to know them both individually and as siblings! We love the soft tones and the rustic backgrounds in these images and how each image represents Jamie and Tanner's different personalities. The twins have similar interests--Tanner plays the drums and Jamie plays the saxophone, and they both enjoy sleeping in on the weekends! But, they might see different futures for themselves; Jamie wants to be a marine biologist and Tanner just wants to make a lot of money (hey, we can't blame him, because then maybe he can take his sister on her dream vacation to Australia!)

Thank you for choosing Michelle Kroll Photography for your senior session!

....Tanner was excited to find some Poke-balls on his senior session while we were photographing his sister!

Garrett | Elizabeth High School | Class of 2017

Michelle Kroll Photography congratulates Garrett! We love getting to know our seniors during their sessions and we had so much fun, incorporating Garrett's passion for wrestling into his senior session! And don't let those first images fool you--Garrett certainly also has a clean cut and laid back style as well, which we were able to capture. We wish Garrett the best of luck as he finds himself as a new found high school graduate! Thank you for picking us to do your pictures!