Thursday, May 18, 2017

These girls.....are everything. Thank you Team Seventeen

I have a connection with every senior I've photographed over the past twelve years. But, my senior models... especially this year... are special. We get to really know each other over the year with multiple photo shoots, community service, meetings and meals (especially dessert!).  I rejoice in their accomplishments and silently cry with their struggles.

This was a special year. A come back year. I had so many insecurities after only working part time for the past two years and wondered if I was getting to old or still "cool" enough to work with seniors. These girls boosted my self confidence, and were downright beautiful, kind and amazing all year.

I will be seriously crying with pride, and a little sadness, as I attend their graduation parties and watch them move on in life. But, I know, thanks to social media and the connections I've made with some of their parents that I will be privy to the great things they will do with their futures.

So congratulations again Class of 2017, and especially Hailey, Keri, KJ, Madi G, Madi H., Megan, Mackaela, and Whitney. Love you all so much!

And to the Elite Eighteen girls have big shoes to fill, but I have every confidence that you will be just a fabulous! Can't wait to follow the your life and senior year journey!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Congratulations | Class of 2017 Seniors

Still haven't gotten up all the blog posts but wanted to share this overview of Class of 2017 before we start photographing the class of 2018! The magic starts Saturday! So so loved and made conections with so many seniors for 2017 and we can't wait to see where this life journey takes them! Keep in touch 2017... We will still be featuring you! 

2017 Seniors!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hailey | Ponderosa High School | Class of 2017

It's the last day of school for Class of 2017 Ponderosa Seniors! What a great day to showcase our Team Seventeen senior model Hailey. One of the things I love best about my job is getting to know our models. We spend time at model shoots, senior shoots, community service events...I have so loved getting to know Hailey!

This beautiful girl is involved in school playing Lacrosse and working on the yearbook. She is exquisite.... every time I edit a picture of her I think of Natalie Portman.  And, like Natalie Portman, she is fabulous in front of the camera. She can MOVE! And, she has great creative and posing ideas. My favorite model shoot with her was our Princess Prom where she rocked the top hat then turned around and created a Snow White dress out of her prom dress with scraps around the studio!

Congratulations on graduation Hailey! Please keep in touch and let us know what wonderful things you accomplish!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ashley | Ponderosa High School |Class of 2017

What? graduation is only days away and I have a lot of Class of 2017 blog posting to catch up on!! So, get ready to see all of the rest of our beautiful (or handsome) shining seniors!! Like Ashley!

Oh. My. Gosh. Her hair! And, her eyes! And, what about that smile!! Loved getting to know Ashley and LOVED her photos!! She so chose the right clothes and colors for her as well!!

Ashley is amazing! Good luck Miss Ashley in the future! I see a future as bright as your smile in your future!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Anna | Ponderosa High School | Class of 2017

 Oh Anna...this beautiful girl with a heart of gold and hair to match! I first heard of Anna, when she was such a supporter of Ryan and his wish week several years ago.Then, when she asked me to photograph her senior pictures I was thrilled to get to know her better. She is so delightful and that hair! I would kill for those golden, perfectly curled locks. Ok, so maybe not kill....but I did always want to be a blond!

As we near the end of the school year, I am wishing all the class of 2017 a great prom and a fabulous finals and graduation week! Trying hard to get blog posts up of everyone before the end of the year! We start photographing Class of 2018 very soon! Much love and good luck to Anna and all the class of 2017!

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Whitney | Lutheran High School | Class of 2017

 As Prom Season approaches, I thought it might be time to showcase one of my favorite senior sessions and our Class of 2017 Team Seventeen Team Member Whitney! I loved her prom pictures from our Prom Model Shoot! I also love her images from all her other shoots as well!

This girl is gorgeous! In fact, we have plans to submit some of her images to a modeling agency. Until you see her on the pages of your local magazine, TV, fashion show or website...enjoy her images here!

But besides being beautiful, this girl is a triple threat and smart and kind as well. You will be seeing her volunteering her time at the St.Baldrick's Shave the mayor event as she does every year! And the colleges she is visiting for the major she is thinking! So impressed with her!

Whitney, it was a pleasure and an honor getting to know you over the past year and I can't wait to see what you do in the future! And since, your sister is a model for us this year.....we get to keep up with all you do in College over the next year! So happy about that!