Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm a sucker for a close up

I'm a sucker for a close up, and for color images. However, some images just scream for black and white. The first one here I liked in color, but I love in black and white.

His mom is one of my favorite people. She always has a great outlook on life and always makes me laugh. She was also a great assistant today! You want a new job, Michele? You were such a help. You were also right about the blueish shirt. It looks great! I wish we would have gotten a few more, but I think Dylan had had it.

Dylan, what patience you had today! Putting up with us two mom's. I know you weren't to excited about having your senior photos taken, but you did a great job. You got that GQ look down! You are a fantasitic kid. You are everything I hope for my sons when they get to be your age. I know you will go far!


Jana said...

Michelle, you're right...he does have the GQ look down. These are very nice! I love that first one!

Michele said...

Michelle, thanks for making my Adorable look wonderful! These pics are exactly what I was looking for and we'll have a hard time making our choices. You caught the many moods of Dylan and preserved a special time for his Mom.