Monday, July 30, 2007

Christina's Eyes.....

....are Gorgeous. Lots of shades of blue in those eyes. And her skin is flawless. Again, someone is watching out for me, giving me awesome clients. Christina was another referral. Her and her mom were just so nice. I don't think her mom counted on getting battered by bushes on reflector duty, but she took it all in stride, with a smile, and a laugh. And the images turned out beautiful with her help!
Cheryl (Christina's mom) was told to call early and book. That's what she did. Good thing too. I am booked up almost to October. I sincerely apologize to all those who are calling these past few days. I so love photographing high school seniors, and wish I could fit everybody in. However, in order to do the quality work I expect of myself, and to make the high school yearbook deadlines, I just can't. Again, so sorry to everyone who has called recently. Wish I could do it all!

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