Monday, July 02, 2007

Got Some Good Ones!

I'm sure Danielle and her parents were wondering if I got any good shots. Between the wind (again), and my camera problems, I almost was starting to wonder myself! However, there were so many I liked, I couldn't limit it to my usual four images to show. I'm really glad we decided to "go for it" outside despite the wind, on the shoe shot. This one is adorable! And, with Danielle's glorious red hair, I am going to have a hard time converting ANY to black and white (but I probably will, just because I'm sure she'd like to see some).
It was so fun to catch up with Danielle and her parents. Another family I've known for years. They are the sweetest people and I just love their whole family. Hope you love them Danielle, because I loved shooting them! Enjoy!

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Beth Naranjo said...

Awesome! Love these, especially the shoe shot! I hear ya on the red hair-it's beautiful. Way to go, Michelle, your work rocks!