Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nika's Turn!

How do you describe Anika? She's smart. She's funny. She's a leader. A fabulous dancer, and oh so much more. However, I think best of all, she's just a good person. Nobody ever has a bad word to say about Anika. She is someone that we all should aspire to be like. All that, and she's only eighteen. Well on her way to a happy and fulfilling future!
I love being around her family. Almost more than anyone I know, they seem to have their priorities in order. Friends, family, faith, education, these are just a few of those priorities. It seems they always have a calming influence on me whenever I'm around them. That is something I desprately need in my hectic lifestyle these past few months.
So Juleigh, thank you for the tea and chocolate scones this morning, and for the company at lunch. It was truely honor to do Anika's senior pictures. I hope you both look back at these pictures over the years, and have good memories of the day they were taken. (I had to throw that last funny one up here, because those are some of my memories from the day! Fun!)

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