Friday, September 21, 2007

I got them all...

All the seniors in the state of Colorado with great blue eyes that is. Yep, they all came here. What do you think of Aaron's eyes? Had to show the super close up, just because his eyes are so great. I also had another great assistant mom. She was really working that reflector and taking it all in. She came up with some great location ideas too. I am definitely not above taking suggestions from moms, sister, seniors, whomever! Some of the best shots have come from them! Aaron also was one of the most polite guys I've ever photographed. Thanks so much Aaron for putting up with us two moms being moms today!
Anyway, I'm into the home strech of seniors now. Most the schools latest yearbook deadlines are Oct. 5th. I have a VERY few families booked after that, but mostly am taking a few months off to catch up with my own family. My apologies to the families who have called and emailed daily to book sessions. My business has taken off in ways I never imagined thanks to my beautiful clients and wonderful referrals! I need to step back, reacess, and decide, where I want to go from here. Thanks for understanding!

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