Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rugged Good Looks

More really hard decisions here on what images to put on the blog. With Curtis's good looks, and natural model poses, I couldn't lose with anything I chose. I really think Curtis should model. Even the third one shown here, which I didn't think I would like when shooting, turned out to be one of my favorites. Curtis knew just what to do with poses, and especially his hands, which is one of the hardest things with guys. I just loved doing his senior portraits!

His mom just gets it too. She likes close crops and edgy stuff, like I do. She also likes big smiles. I don't think Curtis does. I had to keep talking him into a few, but don't worry Theresa, we did get some! His sister CoCo, who is shown in an earlier post, learned a lot from her mom at her shoot, and was a whiz at reflector duty! We may have to do a few more for CoCo since we ran out of light at her shoot. I just love doing photos of this family!

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