Friday, August 01, 2008


Skip loves trains. All kinds of trains. So we went out to the coolest place today to shoot his senior pictures. A train museum. Loved it! There were so many cool places to shoot! We got LOTS of great shots. The people at the museum were the nicest too, letting us go into a few places that were normally restricted.
Skip was awesome at posing. He would just stand naturally in certain positions that were perfect for great photos. He did a lot of looking off poses, which I love, and a lot of times forget to tell seniors to look off, and not always look at the camera. Didn't have to tell Skip. I think he just has an eye for photography. Although he said he is more comfortable in back of the camera, he did a great job in front of the camera.
I had to show the cropped in version of the last one, because I wanted Kathy (Skip's mom) to see that all her hard reflector work did not go in vain. See those lights in Skip's eyes Kathy? That's you with that reflector! Both of our arms are going to ache tonight. Mine from the monster camera and yours from holding that reflector at just the right spot. However, I think it was worth it! We got some great shots!

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