Saturday, December 13, 2008

Northern Light

Isn't it fitting when we are all thinking about Santa and the North Pole that I have found the MOST FABULOUS Northern Light at the studio! These were all taken with Natural Light just inside a big North facing picture window that I have. All the recent snow that we have gotten, only helped to serve as more of a reflector outside, and I got some BEAUTIFUL shots.
I guess it doesn't hurt that the models were beautiful as well! Look at those eyes! those of you that read this regularly and are saying, "But wait, I thought she was only going to shoot seniors, for a while!" Well, these two are an exception. They are my nieces.
We had the best day playing in the studio, then dragging everybody to Party On.
And you know how they say that photographers kids are the most neglected when it comes to taking posed studio shots? Well, I think that not only goes for the phtographers kids, but maybe the whole extended family as well. These girls are now four and this is the first shoot they have had at the studio.
In my defiense, they do live a bit away, so except for holidays, it is sometimes hard to get together when both families lead busy lives. However, I am definitely going to try and get together for pictures more often!
Now, I'm off to start...yes, you read that right....just start, my Christmas shopping!

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