Saturday, April 04, 2009

There's Still Some Time Left!

Yep, 2009 Seniors there is still a little time left for a photo shoot and to get wallets for announcements! Just ask Megan. We scheduled Megan's photo shoot for early April, thinking the weather might be a little nicer this time of year. However, we forgot that this is Colorado after all. And in Colorado, in the spring, there is no telling what the weather will do. Today....snow, wind, cold...more like the dead of winter instead of spring. Definitely a Colorado Spring.
Megan was a sweetheart and her mom did a great job at her "job" today. Straightening Megan's clothes, hair, and reflector/backdrop duty. We got to try a few new props and backdrops I had. And, we actually did get a few outside. Megan was a trooper without a coat in the cold. Ahhhh, the glamorous life of a model. NOT...huh, Megan. You look gorgeous though! It was great to meet you and your mom!

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