Friday, July 10, 2009

24 to 5

I started with 24 images I liked for the blog, then had to cut it down to 5. What a job! I hate decisions. We spent a lot of Carol's senior session trying to get her hair to go just the right way. Wouldn't you know of the ones I like best, the last one shown here, her hair was a bit messy and blowing.
Carol loves music, and came with some of her instruments, sheet music, and some ideas for pictures. Throw in a couple more ideas from her "oh so awesome, reflector holder, sister" and we got ourselves some nice images from her senior shoot. Her mom was a pretty good reflector holder too. Don't want to forget you either Jeanne!
Anyway, I told Carol that the spinning prom dress ones sometimes work , sometimes don't. They worked today, for a cute storyboard. Enjoy Carol!

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