Friday, July 31, 2009


Well, I wasn't going to show any on the porch from Stephanie's shoot, but the first one here, her eyes were so fabulous, I couldn't resist!
Anyway, besides doing a few around the studio, and on the porches, Stephanie, her Mom, and I, visited her beautiful home. I was so excited when we pulled up, because it was a home I have ALWAYS admired! Come to find out the builder is a friend of mine. So fabulous on all accounts.
Also fabulous, are the great images we got of Stephanie, showcasing all her talents. She is an artist and may pursue some kind of art in college, as well as, a musician. I was so thrilled to do some piano shots at her lovely home.
Finally, I was also thrilled to hear that her mom had cut out a article that ran in the paper TWO years ago, that mentioned my business, with a photo I had taken ,and saved it with the intention of calling for Stephanie's senior pictures. I'm so glad you hung onto that article and called me Helene! Hope you like the images as much as I do!

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