Thursday, July 09, 2009

Railroad tracks, brick walls, and city scapes...

My friend Cindy was asking on Facebook the other day, "Where's all the guys?" Well, Cindy here's one. This is Bennett. Bennett wanted to do some more urban shots, and also some more nature shots. He and his mom found us a great place to shoot. I loved it! We got some great shots by some railroad tracks, some city shots, and some outdoor shots with trees.
With Steph helping me proof now, we have some disagreements on which ones we like best. I guess I have more of a mom's perspective and she has more of a teens perspective. I see it as a great benefit for my business. She will pick some great ones the seniors want to give to their friends as wallets, and I can still make the families happy.
But I digress. In this case, Bennett got to benefit. We disagreed on which railroad track one we liked best, and so I showed both. I liked the all gray. She liked the tracks going off in the distance.
So readers, how about you? which do you like best? Leave a comment in the comments section. I love comments and don't get to many, although I know there's some loyal readers out there!

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