Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blessed with "Just Rights" and "Firsts"

Miss Anna and her mom came in for her First Communion Portraits.
It was a a first for me too, having never done First Communion Photos. However, I think Anna and I both want to do it all again!
Anna was a dream. Sweet, fun, beautiful...with just the right dress, just the right hairstyle, and just the right accessories. Even the weather was "just right" for us.
What wasn't a first, or just right, was the trouble I had picking the ones I wanted for the blog. Sooooooo many I liked! Doesn't she just look like an angel on the porch with all that backlighting? So pretty and peaceful. Just like a painting. Then, we had some playful ones of her spinning ones on the porch, and some more in the studio with her bible...and....see why it was so hard to decide?
So, I hope Anna and her mom had a great a time as I did. I am so blessed with great clients and friends!

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