Thursday, June 17, 2010

And Then…..I got to play!

    Nate-3 Nate-4Nate1 Nate-5
So first, we took the traditional senior portraits. Then, we coerced Nate into coming to try out a new location and we got to play! I think they are my favorite photos EVVVERRR! Thanks Nate, for being such a good sport. I knew when I asked you that you were perfect for the job! The partial silhouette was totally Nate’s idea and it is my favorite. Thanks Brenda, for finding this location and having the guts to ask about it. You totally Rock! And thanks John, for sharing your piece of paradise with us! I may finally have some images that are competition worthy. Soooooooo much fun!!


Shannon Holden said...

Wow! Just wow! That first shot made me gasp. Soooo cool! Great work, Michelle!!!

Paula Swift - Boston Photographer said...

Amazing work...just love your senior photography!

Shallyse Gastelum (Raleigh - Durham Photographer} said...

These are so cool! I love all of them, and the location is perfect!