Monday, June 07, 2010

Gabby’s “Real” Senior Session

gabby-sr-4 gabby-sr.-1 gabby-sr.-2


Gabby is a Senior Model for us from Douglas County. We already did her model shoot earlier, but now got the opportunity to do her “real” senior shoot. Gabby wanted to go to the lake, and we wanted to try out our new chair, that was just PERFECT for the lake!

For all you photogs out there that read the blog….the ones at the lake were shot in full sun at just before noon, reflector only. Still working on perfecting that OCF but was able to get those blue skies with just the reflector! I love Gabby’s dress at the lake. It was also perfect (guess that was the catchword of the day). My daughter tell me it is from American Eagle.

Again, we were battling wind and poor Gabby had such bad allergies with the wind kicking up all that pollen, but I think we are getting really good now at working with that incessant wind lately.

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