Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An Image to Please Everyone

trevor-3 trevor-1ttrevor-2  trevor-4

Hooray! The first guy of senior season! This is Trevor. I’ve known Trevor, and his family, probably since about the time Trevor was in Kindergarten.  Wonderful Family! I like them all so much! I decided to show an image to please everyone for Trevor. There’s the smiling one, to make his mom Denise, happy. A hint of a smile one…..that  is usually the one the girls all like. :) And a moody, kind of artistic one, for me! Then finally, another smiley one for his mom (and for me…after all, I’m a mom too, and DO like those smiley ones, as well). Not only do Trevor’s eyes look amazing in it, but I absolutely LOVE that color of blue. It was great to see Trevor and his family yesterday. Enjoy your sneak peek!

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