Friday, June 25, 2010

Jillian Broke the Rules and I’m so Glad!

Jillian-4 Jillian-2Jillian-1  Jillian-3Okay, so she didn’t really break the rules….I say to bring solid, non distracting colors. BUT, I also say to bring something you love! Jillian brought her jacket that she loves, and I also TOTALLY love  it!  We definitely HAD to get pictures in it!  She also brought something else that she loves…….her sister! We got a few of  them together as well. They were totally laughing and having a good time. Some of my favorite images from Jillian’s senior session! They so much reminded me of me and my sister.  So glad you chose us for your senior session, Jillian. Your images are picture perfect!


Paula - Boston Photographer said...

Beautiful images Michelle. The variety and your creamy rich colors!

Shelley Edwards said...

I'm glad she broke the rules too - WOWZA!!!! Rules are made to be broken. That's some nice work girlfriend.

Alison said...

Great example of 'breaking the rules' to make the images really reflect your subject. Nice work!