Friday, June 25, 2010

The Many Faces of Azlynne

 Azlynne-1 Azlynne-2 Azlynne-3
Azlynne-4At the studio, we try to get a variety of expressions during a senior shoot. However, some people are more naturally smiley or serious. Azlynne (don’t you love her name!) tended toward the smiley side,  but we got a beautiful more serious one of her, as well. Of course, I love the laughing ones too! Azlynne has a beautiful smile! I also wanted to add a little note on the wonders of Photoshop here. As we were reflecting light all session into Azlynne’s eyes, her eyes started to water. I felt so sorry for her, and I knew she was worried about her make up. Her eyeliner did come off in a few photos. However, a little Photoshop put it right back on. No worries.  Now, don’t get me wrong…..I’m not saying don’t wear make up to your session, or not to bring make up for touch ups (both of which Azlynne did) but just saying, if there is a problem it can probably be fixed! Love me some Photoshop! lol.

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