Saturday, July 17, 2010

All About Me!

Parth-6 Parth-1 Parth-2 Parth-3 Parth-4 Parth-5 So, for every senior we have them fill out a short questionnaire, called “All About Me”. Just for fun, so that we know a little more about them, and know what they want from their senior session. Because, after all, your senior session IS all about you, and your individuality. For Parth, we got to photograph lots of aspects of his personality. He’s Indian. He’s a Ranger’s Hockey Fan. He’s a member of the Poker Club at school. He’s smart (he wants to go to Boston College). He’s funny. However, I think my favorite two answers on Parth’s info sheet, were that his favorite hangout is Chase’s house, and that Saturday mornings usually find him…….asleep on Chase’s couch.  You see, Chase is my son, so his hang out is my house, and Path is one of his best friends. :) We love having you around Parth, and I loved taking your senior portraits! Oh, and another one of my favorite answers from Parth….. Ten years from now I will be…………ten years older! You are right Parth, and so will I! lol.

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