Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Model Perfect

  Taylor-M-2Taylor-M-1 Taylor-M-3
Taylor-M-4Taylor is one of our Class of 2011 Senior Models, and she has been the perfect model! Senior Models are selected in January of their junior year. We then do a mini shoot for all the models of the same school together.  Model cards and flip books are made from those images, for them to show their classmates, and refer them to our studio. The cards have discounts for the seniors and for the models. Taylor has had the most cards turned in of any model ever! Way to go Taylor! We did Taylor’s “real” senior shoot yesterday and got some “Model perfect” images as well! If you are Class of 2012 and read the blog, it’s not to early to be thinking about being a model for the studio. Just visit the website at http://www.michellekrollphotography.com/ and  fill out the contact form, saying you are interested in being a 2012 model. We will contact you late in the year for more info.! Thanks for being a great 2011 Model Taylor!


Shelley Edwards said...

WOW - you've got this titled right - definitely model perfect! She's got amazing eyes, and and you did a wonderful job on posing/color/style!!!!

Alissa said...

I can't agree more- she is just gorgeous and those eyes- wow!

Justine - ND Photographer said...

Michelle, you are awesome with the seniors! Soooo pretty - the girl and your photography.