Sunday, July 25, 2010

To Say Alex is Like a Son To Me…

 alex-1 alex-3  alex-5alex-4alex-6 

alex-2To say Alex is like a son to me is probably an understatement. Since he was four, he has been at my house (or my son at his house) more times than you can count. They are best friends.  First, Chres and I drove them in booster seats. Then, they were biking back and forth.  Now, they are driving back and forth. I think I was  more emotional than his mom when I was taking his senior photos. I LOVE this kid! Yes, definitely without a doubt, like he was my own son.  I can’t believe next year they will both be off to college and I won’t be seeing him for dinner (although I’m sure they like dinner at Chres’s house better….she is a MUCH better cook than I!) and on a weekly basis. However, I am excited to see what his future holds and where it takes him. He is one smart kid and good looking too! I wanted to change a few to black and white but just couldn’t do that to those great blue eyes! Chres and Alex, hope you both like your senior pics!!!


Revenda Bierley said...

Love the second one! He looks such a nice young man.

The Curvy Life said...

Gorgeous eyes on this young man! Great images!!