Friday, July 30, 2010

What a Good Idea!

 Christina-1  Christina-3Christina-2 Christina-4 Christina-5 Christina-6

Christina split her two hour session into two one hour sessions. Great idea on two levels…first she was able to change her hair from curly to straight for a totally different look. Then, the lighting, and such, was a little different from day to day. HUGELY windy the first day, and nice a calm the second. The wind really worked for us the first day, and I can’t believe how many perfectly blown hair photos we got. Because it was windy…REALLLLLY windy! Christina is a another Bachelorette Fan (see, there are a of of us out there!) and wants to work in the NICU someday. She loves pictures and I can see why….she looks fabulous in them! Great to meet you Christina (and your mom and Molly!) Glad we were able to get a good portrait of camera shy Molly!


Paula said...

Beautiful images!

Alissa said...

Wow- she looks so different between sessions. I just love these!