Thursday, August 05, 2010

This shoot was all about….the ears????

 Torie-1 Torie-2 Torie-3 Torie-4

The horse’s ear, that is! I love horses, but really don’t know too much about them. Luckily, my business partner does! She helped me picked just the right horse pictures, where his ears were just right. I guess you want them straight up! Torie’s horse was so good, and we got some great shots! Torie came with her best friend Melissa (who’s shoot we did earlier this summer) and her mom. They were a great help with both her horse and Torie’s shoot. Glad it all worked out Torie!


Gina Geigley :: Hawaii Photographer said...

My goodness!! I love these!! I can't pick a favorite...the horse or the snow board! Love them!!

Alissa said...

they all just look great! Funny about the ears!!

The Curvy Life said...

Such beautiful images... I love the angles you got!