Saturday, September 11, 2010

Three Out of Four…..

 Christiane-1 Christiane-2 Christiane-3Christiane-4

First came Kayla. Class of 2007. Then, there was Britany. Class of 2008. And now……Christiane! Class of 2011! Right before Cameron, but he’s got a little bit. I’ve loved doing all three of these sisters senior pictures. Like her sisters, Christiane loves country. Did you know that cowboy hats really make it so that it looks like it’s not so windy? Or, at least helps keep the hair from flying quite as much. And yes, we have gotten quite adept at finding where the non windy spots around the studio are. Can’t even tell here, can you? Yeah, Christiane, you look amazing. So glad I had the opportunity to photograph not only your sisters, but you as well!

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