Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Headshots, Tot Shots, and Hot Shots – Part One

   Headshots-Nikki Headshots-Nikki-2 Headshots-Peggy-2Headshots---Peggy Headshots---Lisa

So, did you guess that Part 1 of the Headshots, Tot shots, and Hot Shots, is the Headshots Part? Yep, We’ve been busy doing some Headshots for several different reasons. Nikki, the first headshot, was trying  out for Colorado Mammoth Dancers. Unfortunately, right before tryouts she found out she has a class schedule conflict with practice times, so wasn’t able to try out. However, she will use the headshots for Outlaws auditions later this spring.


Peggy, in the red, is opening a flower shop in Parker very soon! Go visit her and her new store at Sweet Pea Floral off of Hilltop and Parker Road! And Finally Lisa, our last headshot client is a physical therapist with an office in the Parker Field House. Her website is going to be live very soon and you can visit it at Good Luck Ladies with all your new endeavors!!

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Kristi said...

Wow! Peggy you look FABULOUS!!! Looking forward to your new shop opening up!