Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Jason and Becky

 Jason-and-Becky-1 Jason-and-Becky-2 Jason-and-Becky-5Jason-and-Becky-3 Jason-and-Becky-4 They met while coaching track. Then, dated all though college. After a few years they had the big white wedding (which was a LOT of fun!) They traveled together and apart. To places like Africa, China, Iceland, Australia, Costa Rica and Peru. And yes, even Moab and Nebraska. He likes to climb mountains…..REALLY big mountains.  She’s a teacher.  A REALLY good teacher. They started their family small. Really small, with some tiny puppies. Pepper and Penny. Named aptly after Beatles hits. You see, Jason is a big, big , Beatles fan.  The puppies grew. And now, so is their family, with a baby due THIS month! Becky looks amazing with only weeks to go in her pregnancy! And Jason, he’s as excited as can be! I definitely know two things for sure. This baby WILL be a traveler and WILL be a Beatles fan! I can’t wait to photograph the baby! Congratulations Jason and Becky!!!

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