Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Smiles from me and Allison!

Allison-H-1Allison-H-2Allison-H-3Allison-H-4Allison-H-5And why are Allison and I smiling? Well….I just got a brand new drop from Denny's and I got to try it out with Allison! Can I say that I just LOVE it!!!! And Allison is smiling…..well, because I told her to for her senior portraits!? I think so, but also because Allison is just a smiley kind of girl. In fact, her smile is so cute it just made me smile when I was proofing her session. I found myself smiling at my computer! lol.  Allison most wants to visit Italy. She plays piano and loves the Colorado Mountains. Love your portraits Allison!

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