Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Say Hello to the 2011 Senior Models!

Hi guys, it's Hannah again!
Summer has just begun, and so has my internship at Michelle Kroll Photography. I am looking forward to a busy and exciting summer of learning and laughing with Michelle!

Today I have the honor of introducing you to some outstanding seniors I recently got the chance to meet. A few weeks ago these seniors braved the wind and crazy weather- and got some incredible shots along the way!

So without further ado, I'd like to introduce the Michelle Kroll Photography 2012 Senior Models!

Our Saturday group consisted of:
lots of pretty/handsome smiles...

school rivalry...
(it was posed, I promise!) 

and of course silly pictures!

From left: Jacob and Derek from Legend, Morgan from Regis, Jenna from Chaparral, and Julia from Ponderosa

Our second group came into the studio on Sunday,
they were not only hilarious,
Ponderosa Models: Richard, AJ, Chance, Kate, Kristina, and Mackenzie 

but so sweet, too!

Legend models Emily & Samantha

As we travelled around town to some fun locations and for a yummy lunch at Chipotle, these models shared tons of laughs and got great photos!

Some though, definitely make you go "hmm"....

See why we had so much fun?
The models definitely kept us smiling all day long! 

Keep an eye out for individual spotlight posts this week :)

xoxo Hannah

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