Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Introducing...the Class of 2012!!

And so it begins! The Class of 2011 has graduated and it is time for the Class of 2012 to start their senior year journey. And kicking it off with a bang for Michelle Kroll Photography is Andrew from Legend High School. Legend is graduating their first senior class in 2012, as it is a new school.

Andrew needed to get his senior portraits done early because he is going on an adventure this China! What a great opportunity to see a big part of the world. Andrew also got to break in a new drop for us with his motocross gear. I love how all of his motocross portraits came out, but this one especially really showcases his great blue eyes.

 I loved talking to Andrew and his mom, and they were able to give me some insight to a camp that Andrew has attended that my youngest will be attending this summer. Thanks so much for the great info! Have a fabulous adventure in China Andrew and a fabulous senior year!

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