Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Chris from Creek....

Chris plays soccer for Cherry Creek. We were talking about the size of the Cherry Creek teams and how many students play soccer there. Wow! Chris's parents (who are the nicest people btw) must be proud because not only has Chris played all four years but he is on the Varsity team that won the State Title last year! Quite an accomplishment at such a large school! I love Chris' info sheet that we have all seniors fill out.....Favorite Sport...Soccer; Site most often; Something you recently Soccer cleats; Best part of high school.....Tennis (okay, okay, just kidding....but I bet you can guess....Soccer...of course)! He said his pet peeve is his sisters. (He is the only boy in between two sisters.) But I got to say, I love his sister's! We did his older sister's senior pictures and because of her we got to meet Chris! Siblings have become a big, big part of our senior business. So fun to say we've photographed whole families now that we've been in business a while. In fact, you can not believe the weddings we've been asked to do as all of our seniors are growing up, graduating and getting married. Sorry, I still don't photography weddings, but who knows what the future may hold! Have a great senior year Chris and good luck with that repeat State title!

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