Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Eli-S-1Eli-S-2Eli-S-3Eli-S-5Eli-S-6Eli-S-7Eli had the longer session and we still didn’t have enough time to get all that I wanted done. We got to go somewhere fun, and get some photos by the barns. First time I’ve been out there this year!! We stepped out of the car and right away I knew the shot I wanted. We had to set it up fast before the clouds changed. It is  the first one here. I didn’t notice until later, when I was editing, that the clouds above her made two little hearts. Can you see them? No photo shop there. It was the real thing!  We were able to do a traditional classic one for mom. Some fun ones for Eli, but never fit in her volleyball portraits. I totally forgot until she left. And I had some great ideas! Luckily, her sister is going to come back and get a matching “traditional” portrait to go with hers. So maybe Eli can come back and do her volleyball portraits then. Sound good Eli? Love, love, loved your senior session!

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