Saturday, August 06, 2011



Wind, rain, or dark of night will stop the photographer… wait…I think that’s the mailman! However, it was raining, and windy, and dark, at Monikka’s session.  But beautiful Monikka was so excited for her senior session and had followed the tips sheet EXACTLY. Hair done, nails perfect, clothes picked out and pressed.  So despite the stormy weather we started her session indoors and finished under the protection of the porches.  SO glad we did because her portraits turned out beautifully. Just like Monikka. Monikka’s mom has been waiting over a year for her senior session. She won the session at the PHS Spirit Golf Tournament a year ago and has been waiting patiently until this summer.  Such a wonderful family! I’m so glad you won that session Sheri! It was wonderful to meet you and your beautiful family!

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