Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sarah B


We did Sarah’s sister’s senior portraits a few years ago and now it is Sarah’s turn. She is just as pretty as her sister. I just can’t believe all the beautiful girls we have been photographing this summer! When I was editing Sarah’s pictures I couldn’t help but notice a certain resemblance to Liv Tyler, with her big blue eyes.  Sarah has her blue  eyes set on the possibility of the University of Texas someday and she wants to be a Kindergarten teacher. Her best advice is to be optimistic and she wants to visit Spain.  Her favorite color is orange, but she didn’t bring anything orange to her senior shoot. Instead, she brought a beautiful shade of deep yellow that was perfect for her! I loved it so much that I think I need to go out and find something that color for my own fall wardrobe this year! So great to meet you Sarah and thanks to your Dad for being a great reflector holder for your session! He did a great job!

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