Tuesday, October 11, 2011

(Un) Photoshop Friday….on a Tuesday!

photo1laurianna-15_small (1)
So….. on my Photoshop Friday’s I show before and after images manipulated in Photoshop. Well, this is a different before and after and not photoshopped (and not taken by me)! So, I guess it’s okay that it is on a Tuesday and not on a Friday!

  This is my friend Laurianna Murray (but everyone just calls her La) and her REAL before and after. La lost A LOT of weight! No Photoshop or liquify here (for those that know what liquify in photoshop can do).  She has been such an inspiration to a online group that I belong too, that she has motivated many in the group to get healthy and lose weight. I can’t tell you how hard she has worked at training and eating right. A true success story.

She recently blogged that she can’t believe that is is really her and the changes that have taken place in her life. Where she used to take a car to a 9-5 job, she now bikes to her own business. And, it’s her business that I want to tell you about.

Because of the changes in her life; that she has worked so hard for and enjoyed so much; she has recently started a business in individual health counseling programs, nutrition and cooking classes, meal planning and more! With a background in training for corporations she has taken her passion for health and fitness to the next level.  You can visit her website here.

She does do health coaching over the phone for those (like my Colorado friends) that aren’t in her area. La, you look fabulous in your unphotshopped before and after images. Thanks for being such a inspiration and success story too so many!


Jana Hill said...

What an inspirational story! Best wishes to La in her new business!

Beth Eggert said...

Love you La... such an inspiration and thanks Michelle for reminding us what we can do when we set our minds to it!

Kimberly Hill said...

Thanks for sharing this, Michelle.

La is SUCH an inspiration! I do believe it's time for me to get back on the bandwagon... the side-by-side pics did it.

Love you, La! xoxo

- KH

Tina Nitz said...

Love you La!!! You look fabulous!!!!

Laurianna Murray Wellness said...

THANKS YOU GUYS! Thank you Michelle! What a sweet thing to have written about me!

You can also check out my blog at www.thecurvylife.com

You are such a sweet friend! THANKS!


Margie said...

We love our LA.. Inspires us every single day - Great post Michelle!!!

La is gonna help so many people, with her new biz and PASSION!!!


Justine said...

I am one of those she continues to motivate and inspire! Not too mention her great sense of style!

Paula said...

La you look amazing! Yes you are an incredible inspiration and seeing these images back to back really bring it to light!