Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gorgeous Engagement Session!


Several years ago I did a photo shoot for Megan for a dance team she was trying out for. In fact, I have a big 20x24 of her in the studio and it’s one of my most commented on portraits! Well, she did make the team and I was so glad she thought of me for her recent engagement photos! So, l

ast weekend I got together with Ryan Tortorelli from Persona Studio and Design for Megan and Thomas’ Engagement shoot.  Since I knew that they are such a beautiful couple (both inside and out) I knew it would be a great shoot to try to get some good images for Professional Photographers of America's annual print competition.  PPA does a print competition every year that starts at the state level. The competition gives you the ability to earn “merits” for different photographic “degrees”.   These degrees are very hard to earn and very prestigious in our profession.  Thanks so much for letting us photograph your engagement session Meg and Tom. Even if I don’t end up using some images for competition it still was a blast and it was so nice to get to know Tom. I see a long and happy future for you two together!

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