Friday, February 24, 2012

My Boy Ry and an NF Families Announcement

Ryan-K-2Ryan-K-0Ryan-K-1Ryan-K-4This post almost needs a drum roll to precede it. You see, any photographer knows that your own kids are the hardest to get photos of.  Heck, any parent knows this. ESPECIALLY, if you are a parent of a teen boy.
 Now girls, sometimes they like photos…sometimes a lot! However, most boys…not so much.

Stephanie, I have lots of portraits of. Chase… well he was just a senior so we have the obligatory seniors photos (made worse by the fact that MOM had to take them) . But Ryan….suffice it to say, it’s been years.

 As luck would have it, Ryan just got new glasses, AND a haircut, AND some new clothes. So, I think Ryan was feeling and looking….dare I say it?….a little HOT! And, Mom was doing the happy dance and struck while the fire was HOT.  How about we go in the studio Ry and take a few pictures? Oh, okay….. Just a few. Woo Hoo!

 Ry is my special, special child. You can read about his birth and exciting start in life here. You see, Ryan has a disease called NF2. He gets benign tumors on his central nervous system.  He lost his eye to a tumor when he was 10. He currently has small tumors on the nerves to both ears,  and 3-4 in his brain.  One quite significant.  Unfortunately, we recently found out that puberty kicks NF into high gear.  And Ryan, being 14, is smack dab into puberty.  And that my friends, has kicked his mom into high gear to do what we can to help NF families and find a cure. 

So, Michelle Kroll Photography will be offering free sessions to any Colorado or Denver area family with a child with NF.  WE know first hand the financial resources it takes to have a child with NF. MRI’s, eye appointments, hearing tests, surgeries….. not much left for quality portraits.  I have reached out to several families, but if you are reading this and know a family with NF, please let them know about our offer and give us a call or visit our website.

 That’s the helping families part. The finding a cure part is a bit harder.  It takes one thing. MONEY. Money for research.  Money for drug development. I’m still working on some ideas to raise significant funds for The Children's Tumor Foundation. If you have any great fund raising ideas let me know. However, until then, any donations can be made here.  Every little bit helps and gets us just a little closer to a cure!

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Lisa Carey said...

What a handsome young man! Praying for your family, and for the families you impact. God bless!