Thursday, March 08, 2012

Love that Light…..


Photography is all about the perfect light. Well, that and the editing. I have been trying to master a technique called Off Camera Flash for a while now.  After a couple of group classes, where I got totally frustrated my fellow photography friend offered to help.  Ryan. at Persona Studio and Design is a lighting god. And…I think I finally got it! A lot of the credit on these images goes to Ryan and to Jordan our beautiful model. The post processing is mine. I just wanted to point out to the juniors that are starting to think about senior portraits. You can get portraits that are less expensive that what Ryan or I offer. But really consider what you are getting for your money. Are you getting someone that knows lighting, posing. and post processing? That will print your images on the highest quality paper protected from the elements from a professional lab. Or, are you getting someone that puts the camera on automatic and shoots until something somewhat usable appears with very little post processing. You decide. A quality portrait that lasts a lifetime? Or,  a bunch of okay pictures on disk that you may or may not ever print.

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Elisabeth said...

these are absolutely gorgeous! you are so talented, and you're right, the lighting is fabulous!