Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Mackenzie from Florida: Part One

Mackenzie-M-7Mackenzie-M-6Mackenzie-M-5Mackenzie-M-8Mackenzie-M-9Poor Neglected blog……..but hey…I’ve been busy! Busy photographing seniors from FLORIDA! Yes, Mackenzie flew all the way from Florida to Colorado just for her senior pictures!!!  AND, she flew out all her vans for a vans picture. A girl after my own heart! I’ll be honest I don’t have many vans, but the ones I own I wear DAILY! Well, until flip flop season. And in true Florida fashion, I do own more flip flops than anything! But, I digress, enough about shoes and more about Mackenzie!


Mackenzie wanted a true western style photo shoot , so we headed out to the barns with a cowboy hat…or two, or three! Then because seniors shoots are all about showing your personality, we stopped by a local ballpark for some softball pics, and finally finished up her shoot in a field where Mackenzie tried to bag a buck. Well, not really but she could have1 there were a few around. Mackenzie gets a few extra facebook pics, so look for a part two coming soon. Because hey, if you going to fly all the way from Florida to Colorado for your senior portraits, you deserve a few extra photos!

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