Friday, June 15, 2012



Hank was our second client for 2013 and all 6 foot a lot of him came in with a great attitude! Yep, Hank  is tall with a capital T, plays basketball, and is now a senior! What a great way to kick off our senior season. Hank was only supposed to get one sneak peek portrait with the package he purchased, but because of his patience I kicked in a couple of extras. You see, I have had company from Italy, Ohio, and around the state for the past 4 weeks and still have a week to go. I’m taking a few hours while my sister from Ohio is out to catch up on some work. We will be starting to swing into high gear in about a week. However, we are getting lots of phone calls already and have some bookings into August.  Call early as not to be disappointed! Also remember our new effort with Tanja  at  Contemporary Expressions Photography these sessions are going to rock!! Find our more here.

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