Monday, July 23, 2012


Cory TCory-T-1Cory-T-2Cory-T-3Cory-T-4

Sisters. I love sister relationships. Maybe that’s because in my own family it’s just me and my sister.  And, we are as close as Cori and Kelsey are. We photographed Kelsey in ‘08 and now it’s her little sister’s Cori turn.  Cori is an artist that loves to read. …reminds me so much of, well…me! She wants to be an anthropologist or archeologist and  loves the Colorado mountains. In her senior year, Cori is excited for a senior trip, college, and a job. It was so nice to meet you Cori, see your mom and sister again, and catch up after a few years.  I love my job so much because I love these seniors so much. It is so much fun so see what is going on with their lives several years later!

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