Monday, July 16, 2012



Beautiful Lauryn came with one of the prettiest prom dresses EVER. And, she looked amazing in it. Lauryn is a dancer for Thunder Ridge and we do love the dancers we get in the studio! They can just move so well. She has been to Disneyland over 30 times! And now, as her first year on the Varsity Poms team she will get to visit Disney World for Dance Team Nationals. I may even go this year as well! Even though my own dancer graduated years ago….my business partner, Brenda’s daughter is a senior this year. So, I might go and do one last Disney Nationals for old times sake! Lauryn and I share another common thread in our love of the Bachelorette TV show. Yep, it’s one of my guilty pleasures and I am addicted. In fact, it’s on in just a little bit, so I better wrap this up so I don’t miss it! So nice to meet you and your mom Lauryn! Your beautiful personality has really shone through in these portraits!

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