Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And another Amanda!

Amanda-W-1Amanda-W-3Amanda-W-2Amanda-W-4Another Amanda and another sibling. We photographed Amanda’s sister Rachel last year. Now, it’s Rachel ‘s turn.  I  love seeing so many siblings come in for senior portraits and we have had a lot this year!   To me, it means that we have done a good job and that they were happy with the senior portraits.  Amanda loves hockey and plays soccer. She would love to travel to Spain, Greece and Italy.  That’s my next dream trip!  And, she brought her oh so cute dog in for senior portraits. We got to meet her dog last year at her sister’s senior portraits. After all,  pups don’t get senior portraits but they are just as much a part of the family. So, now he gets to adorn the walls of the their home as well! So nice to meet you Amanda! Love your senior portraits! Those eyes! So pretty and reflective!

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