Wednesday, August 22, 2012



Photographing Grace is like photographing my own daughter. I’ve known her just about from the time she was born and watched her grow up. Love this girl! You see, her brother and my son met on the playground in Kindergarten and have been fast friends ever since. In fact, this year they are college roommates in their first apartment! So. as a result of their friendship, her mom and I became friends and we share a type of joint custody of our boys. Yes,  her brother calls me mom. Beautiful Grace has followed the footsteps of MY daughter,  with dance as her passion and doing well at school.  Plus, like Steph, she knows what is like to be the girl with two brothers! I just love this beautiful girl and her family! And, loved taking her senior portraits! Have a great senior year Grace. I can’t believe you are a senior already!

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