Friday, August 24, 2012


Nathan-J-Nathan-Huh, what’s this? Another sibling? Yes! this time it’s Nathan.  His eyes are as blue and amazing as his sister’s.  Love that little half smile he has in the first one. And,  just as it is supposed to, the non-smile/hint of a smile in the second really showcases his blue, blue eyes. Where as his sister had a two hour split session so she could have straight hair and curly hair, plus lots of images to choose from…….Nathan was the total opposite. He wanted one for the yearbook. Well, he was a good sport when we told him we might need to do a few more than one. In fact, we did have him laughing. And maybe, just maybe, he thought senior photos weren’t quite as bad as he thought.  Do you Nathan? Either way, we think you look great! And again….those eyes!!

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