Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Layne R-1Layne-R-2Layne-R-3Layne-R-4Layne-R-5Some girls covet Manolo Blahnik shoes, me…I’m a little more simple and casual than a $1,000 pair of heels. I coveted Layne’s black converse. Loved those shoes!! Want those shoes!! And not just plain black converse but with the cutest gingham tongue that folded over.  Layne was such a sweetie, with the prettiest eyes! And, she not only followed our “rules” but went above and beyond and got the whole senior portrait experience, getting her hair and make up done before the shoot. She looked great! And the portraits do too! So nice to meet you Layne and family. And, don’t be surprised when you come back for your portraits that I have some black converse with gingham tongues……where did you say you got those?

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