Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Presli, Baylie and Serendipity!

Presli-and-Baylie-Presli-and-Baylie-2Presli-and-Baylie-3Presli-and-Baylie-7Presli-and-Baylie-4Presli-and-Baylie-5Presli-and-Baylie-6Serendipity… It’s one of my favorite movies about how things are meant to be. Well, it was definitely serendipity that brought Presli’s  parents and I together. You see, one night I was watching the news (and I don’t watch the news very often) and a report came in about a little girl that Tim Tebow was taking to the Kid’s choice awards. The report said that Presli had NF. What!!? Nobody knows about NF. But, here is this adorable little girl that has NF and telling the world about it with Tim Tebow…. AND she is from my town! Lots of Facebook messages, a lunch with her mom, and a Denver NF walk later, we all finally found the time to do what I’ve been wanting to do for a while and get some great pictures of Presli and her sister Baylie. These girls have the most AWESOME eyes!  So blue and no photoshop on them either!  Be sure and like Presli's facebook page , Ryan's facebook page, and visit The Children's Tumor Foundation for more information on NF and to lend support, prayers, and awareness for all the children and adults affected by NF.  Serendipity, and perhaps a higher force, has brought Presli’s Family and our family together for a lifelong friendship. That makes me so happy!

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