Tuesday, February 19, 2013

True Love - 52 Clicks Project

Christmas 1978. My first SLR. A Pentax K1000. Still a great camera from what I hear, and yep, I still have it! Along with another even more vintage SLR that belonged to my Dad. Then, there's my first film Nikon, and my first digital Nikon, and my second digital Nikon and my third........all sitting prettily on a shelf in my office.

When given the theme last week (I'm late!).... of course my first thoughts were of my kids. Yes, they are true love at my best and most purest. A love that the depth of which can never, ever, be explained  until you become a parent and experience not only the joy, but the fear, that comes with that love. I've heard it best explained as always having your heart walking around outside your body. Times three for me. But, I digress.....

Whereas, I do love my camera's and the images and art I can create. The darkroom....well, not so much. In fact, my dirty little secret is that my only D in all of college came in my photography class. Oh, those darkroom dilemmas! Perhaps that's why I didn't really, really, embrace photography until digital. The computer and I have a much better relationship.  In fact, if you ask my husband, a little too much of a relationship.

Yes, my camera, my computer and I make a happy little threesome. True Love at it's finest.

But wait! There's another love that has entered my life these past few years. With his English accent and dark good looks, he is vying for... and winning... my time and attention. His name.......iphone 4Gs. (with siri on sexy English accent of course!) It's nice to be loved.

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