Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lots of Achievements We are Starting to Hear About!!

Two Beautiful Blondes....One from Ponderosa, the other from ThunderRidge. Both Blonde, both dancers and both oh so bright!

On the left, Karina from Ponderosa. Karina was just one of 15 undergraduates to be accepted into the Exchange Scholarship Honors Program at the University of Idaho.

On the Right is Natalie from ThunderRidge. Natalie just made the Hastings College Dance Team,  a very well regarded Dance Team in the nation. Not only that, but she also received the Trustee Scholarship, a scholarship that covers almost all of her tution!!

Congratulations Girls!!! You are both amazing!!!!

Let us know about your achievement and we will feature you on our blog. Or, we just might feature you anyway, like we did with these two girls. Facebook newsfeeds and comments are a wonderful thing. Then, you get more of the recognition for hard work that you both so deserve!! Congrats again girls!

Coming up Kudos to Jenna, Brooke, Amanda, and more!!!

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